Описание на проекта

Описание на проекта:

I would like to participate in one of the regional platforms of the Erasmus Student Network - SEEP (South Eastern European Platform) which will take place in Sofia between 21st and 24th of October. This regional platform will offer participants an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Balkans after a year without physical events. The event will include plenaries, workshops, and a plentiful social program, which will help me develop my skills and knowledge in ESN.

Цели на проекта:

This event will be designed according to everyone's experience, needs, current position and expectations. It aims to be useful to everyone by providing specific knowledge and start to implement new projects. Moreover, it prepares members like me for the current projects, positions and future events of ESN.

Задачи на проекта:

I am personally interested in the workshops in my field - Communication, Media and HR, so I find this event as a great opportunity to learn new things from the Trainers and the other participants. The social asset of the event will be also highly regarded because the connections with ESNers from other countries will be valuable for our future collaborations.

Целева група:

ESN volunteers

График на проекта:

From 21 to 24 October, sessions during the whole day

Необходими ресурси:


Финансово описание на проекта:

Participation fee - 95 euro

Партньори на проекта:

ESN Bulgaria