Описание на проекта

Описание на проекта:

The minorities project is a peer education event organized by AMSB-Sofia University in collaboration with LiMSA (Lithuanian Medical Students' Association) and SNPeE ( Students Network for Peer Education). The project consists of 2 main streams a) Violation of Human rights that the Minorities are facing, b) Minorities and Mental Health. In the agenda are included 6 trainings per stream as well as 2 plenaries with external speakers from Bulgarian NGOs namely Caritas, FAR, AEGEE.

Цели на проекта:

In our modern sociaty we are still witnesses of violation of Human Rights in our everyday life as well as many people are facing the devastating consequences of stigma regarding mental health.The goals of the project is to raise awareness among the students for the everyday issues that the minorities as facing, the violation of the Human Rights and the intersectional approach on Mental Health. Furthermore we want to promote the work of the National NGOs and motivate and enable the students to participate in their actions, become more active citizens by give them the necessary skills and knowledge so that the can advocate for Human Rights and Mental Health.

Задачи на проекта:

The training sessions are as follows:
Human Rights stream: 1) Human Rights introduction (101), 2) Minorities in Bulgaria 3) What is integration? 4)Human Rights Advocacy 5)Intercultural learning 6) Inclusion and sustainability
Mental Health stream: 1) Mental Health introduction (101) 2) Personality theories and Personality Disorders 3) Minorities and Mental Health 4) Mental Health Advocacy 5) Stigma and Intersectionality 6) Take action! and Sustainability

Целева група:

The project is designed for students that want to work volunteeringly with the minorities

График на проекта:

Event's Schedule:
23/03 18:00-20:30 GTKEO session, Expectation Hopes and fears
24/03 09:00-10:30 HR 101, MH 101
11:00-12:30 Minorities in BG, Personality Theories and Personality Disorders
13:00-14:30 What is integration? , Minorities and Mental Health
15:30-17:30 Plenary
24/03 09:00-10:30 HR advocacy, Intersectionality and Stigma
11:00-12:30 Intercultural learning, MH advocacy
13:00-14:30 Inclusion, Take action! and Sustainability
15:30-17:30 Plenary
26/03 Departure Day

Необходими ресурси:

Required resources: Facilitation Materials (described in the following section)
Lunch for participants and facilitators

Финансово описание на проекта:

We are expecting to have 40-50 participants (30 have already registered), the cost of the training includes: facilitation materials (including 12 blocks of flipcharts, 25 markers, 60 name tags,5 packages of post-it ,tape), and a lunch for approximatelly 60 people (trainers included) for 24/03 and 25/03. We expect the cost to be approximatelly 400-600 lv

Партньори на проекта:

Session partners LiMSA (Lithuanian Medical Students' Association) and SNPeE ( Students Network for Peer Education).